If you think Arabic is a “difficult” language to learn or “too complicated,” this website is dedicated to changing your mind.

My name is Ava Alsubai, I’m a native speaker of Arabic, and I have been teaching Arabic language to adults for over five years. Most of my students are either working professionals or college students. Some are interested in international studies, traveling abroad, or are learning Arabic for personal goals. Others have already been working in positions where using Arabic is helpful, such as working with refugees from Arabic-speaking countries or  traveling regularly to work in the oil field. Whatever their reasons are for learning Arabic, my students are dedicated to it. And as a teacher for such dedicated and hard-working individuals, it is my responsibility to make their learning process easier. In this website, I will share some of the learning strategies and techniques I’ve found helpful and have used through out the years with my students.

I also offer private tutoring, check “Tutoring Services” section, and more about my experience and student ratings can be found on http://www.wyzant.com/tutors/ArabicwithAva